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These books, (Madârijussaniya, Al-aqâid-us-sahîha fî tardîd-il-wahhabiyyat-in-Najdiyya) inform that it is very thawâb to say the salawât for our Prophet, that it is necessary to perform dawr and isqât for a deceased person so that his sins pertaining to worships and to the rights of creatures will be pardoned, that the souls of martyrs and the Awliyâ are aware of the world after their death, that through their intercession Allahu ta’âlâ will show mercy to the living, and teaches how to do prayers and pious and charitable deeds for the dead. Both of these books are in Arabic, also contain their Urdu translations.



This work, Aqâid-i nizâmiyya, is the Persian and Urdu summary of Aliyyuqarî’s explanation to the Arabic book, Fiqh al-akbar of Hadrat al-Imâm al-a’zam Abu Hanîfa. The translation was done by Fakhruddîn, a disciple of Hadrat Nizamuddîn Awlia. It summarizes the Islamic beliefs. Among these beliefs, it is additionally dealt with whether the parents and grandfathers of our Prophet were Believers or not, and that they were Believers, which is clarified by documents. Moreover, famous Qasîdat al-Amâlî and the biographies of the imâms of four madhhabs in Persian are appended.



This book is the translation of the famous book (Khayrât-ul-hisân) into Urdu hanguage spoken in India and Pakistan. The original book which is in Arabic was written by Ahmad Ibni Hajar al-Haytamî. The book is on the life, deep knowledge, ikhlâs, taqvw and services to Islâm, of Abû Hanîfa, the first of the four madhâhib Imâms. The writer, is the eye-apple of the Ahl as-Sunnat, a profound âlim, and every word of his is a truth and a document. He died in Mecca in 973 [1567 A. D.].


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