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Hakîkat Kitâbevi Publications No: 6



Darussefaka Cad. No: 57/A P.K. 35 34262
Tel: 90.212.523 4556 – 532 5843 Fax: 90.212.525 5979
e-mail: bilgi@hakikatkitabevi.com

Publisher’s Note:

Those who wish to print this book in its original form or to translate it into any other language are permitted to do so. We pray to Allâhu ta’âlâ to reward this beneficial deed of theirs, and we thank them very much. The permission is granted on the condition that the paper used in printing will be of good quality and that the design of the text and setting will be properly and neatly done without mistakes.


A Warning: Missionaries are striving to advertise Christianity, Jews are working to spread out the concocted words of Jewish rabbis, Hakîkat Kitâbevi (Bookstore), in Istanbul, is struggling to publicize Islam, and freemasons are trying to annihilate religions. A person with wisdom, knowledge and conscience will understand and admit the right one among these and will help to spread out that for salvation of all humanity. There is no better way and more valuable thing to serve humanity than doing so.


Ihlas Gazetecilik A.Ţ. Istanbul Tel: 90.212.454 3000

Bismi’llâhi ’r-rahmâni ’r-rahîm


Allâhu ta’âlâ has compassion on all the people on the earth. He sends useful things to everybody. In the next world, He will do the favour of forgiving whomever He likes of the guilty Muslims who are to go to Hell, and He will put them into Paradise. He alone is the One who creates every living creature, keeps every being in existence every moment and protects all against fear and horror. Trusting ourselves to the honourable name of Allâhu ta’âlâ, we begin to write this book.

Hamd be to Allâhu ta’âlâ! Peace and blessings be on His most beloved Prophet, Muhammad (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam)! Auspicious prayers be on the pure Ahl al-Bait (immediate relatives) and for each of the just and faithful Companions of that exalted Prophet!

The measurement of intelligence, using the testing methods, was done first by the Ottomans. As is written in American literature, the European statesmen were very much bewildered when the Ottoman Armies came to Vienna. They were terrified with the fear that Islam was spreading over Europe and Christianity was perishing. They endeavoured much in search of a solution for stopping the Ottoman attack. One midnight, the British ambassador in Istanbul cabled a message in cipher. He could not wait till morning to give the good news to Europe: “I found, I did!” he said. “I found the reason why the Ottomans won victory after victory and the solution for stopping them.” And he explained as follows: “The Ottomans never torture the prisoners of war but treat them like brothers. They test the intelligence of little children no matter of which nationality or religion they are. Keen-witted children are selected and educated by qualified teachers in the school called ‘Enderűn’ in the Palace and, being taught Islamic knowledge, Islamic morals, science and culture, they are brought up as strong, enterprising Muslims. The distinguished commanders who caused the Ottoman armies to gain victory after victory and the outstanding men of politics and administration like [the two great Ottoman viziers] Sokullu and Köprülü all had grown up from among those keen-witted children brought up in this manner. For stopping the Ottoman attacks, it is necessary to extirpate these Enderűn schools and their branches, the madrasas, and to cause Muslims to decline in knowledge and science.”